Borzovist Republic of Zenit

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The Socialist Republic of Zenit is a breakaway nation from the Zaryan Republic, who is not exactly happy with the soft stance Zarya has took and thinks of Zarya as a traitor to the ideals of Borzovnik (is he dead?). Zenit attempts to build a true Borzovist state and also attempts to topple the Zaryan government through insurgency. Zenit translates to Zenith and is the name of an old series of Russian spy satellites, as a contrast to Zarya which is a ISS module. It could be considered to be based on Finland.

The Armed Forces of Zenit are divided into the Land Forces, the Navy. The Armed Forces was originally made from Zaryan defectors but has now transferred to a new generation of soldiers. The Land Forces are as well trained or perhaps even better than the Zaryan military, although Tanks and Infantry weapons are slightly outdated and most of them are old, but reliable Zaryan weapons. The Navy is more or less nonexistant except for a river boat squadron. The Land Forces uses conscription to supply it with a large amount of trained soldiers in case Zarya ever comes. The Land Forces also have the Air Force under there control but the Air Force is considerably undersized and outdated. Besides the conventional branches there is also the Molniya which is a terrorist/insurgency group in Zarya. The strengths of the Zenit armed forces are high morale and good training. Zenit also has a very capable and famous cavalry. Although the age of the horse may be ending. The deficiency of the Air force and lack of tanks is sorta fixed by trained artillery and flak units. Because of its origin the armed forces share much in common with Zaryan military.

The Armed Forces have only been in two wars with Zarya a war for independence during the Second World War, and a defense against a Zaryan invasion, which was repelled by a large insurgency and Zaryan mistakes.

The official ideology of Zenit is National Borzovism or Zenit Borzovism. Which could be considered a mix of Communism and Nationalism. Its a one party state. The head of state is the Vozhd, who has so far always been a military hero of some sort or a general.

The culture of the nation is quite similar to Zarya. In fact Zenit attempts to preserve Zaryan culture, although sometimes with a militarist or Borzovist spin.



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