Zaryan Republic

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The Zaryan Republic is currently one of the superpower in the Trooper world. Designed as a Russian analogue, Zarya actually meant 'dawn' in Russian. It's also the name of an ISS module in real life.
The concept of Zarya is to be 'A kind of Soviet Union that embraced Democracy'. So in Trooper, instead of an American analogue that becomes the 'world police', Zarya exists to fill that role. So in Trooper, like the real-life ISS module counterpart, Zarya signifies a new dawn for international cooperation.

Zarya's capital is currently at Bredansk, even though before the Last Great War it was located at Nogorgrad.

Military Forces
Zarya's military is divided into the Army, the Air Force and the Navy. Zarya has always been known for its strong Army, which has the best infantry and tanks. Zarya also have an average Air Force and an average Navy. It is to be noted that Zarya lacks naval aircraft carriers in the current war, although they have a submarine fleet.

Zarya has a socialist ideology, albeit mixed with democracy.
Their leader has a title of Premier, and is chosen by the people every five years. But, they have one main party, the Borzovist Party, named after the founder of the Borzovist ideology, Valeriy Borzovnik. They also have the People's Voice House to relay the needs of the people to the government. Small dissident and opposition parties exist, but are somewhat reduced in power by the government.


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