Tzabcan Pantheon

The Tzabcan Pantheon is a version of a religion endemic to the Cahuac region.

Major Gods

Tzacolotl : Considered to be one of the leaders of the pantheon, he is a god of kings, the sun and revolutions. He is often depicted as a man with a divine headress of black and red bird feathers and cowrie shells, a white cane made of sandalwood, and a royal red cape. He resides in his royal palace, Tzac-Capan, at the foot of the Tree of Life. Usually you can find his visage or his symbol, a red hand, in palaces and government offices.

Matalano : Another leader of the pantheon. Goddess of war, jungles and stealth, she is often depicted with a Jaguar head cowl, an obsidian spear, a golden belt, and a green war shield inlaid with jade. She determines who wins in a battle, and leads the march of valiant warriors' souls to the underworld. She sometimes rides an inverted jaguar (that is, instead of black spots on yellow fur, yellow spots on black fur) into battle.

Yacha-Xochil : Also considered as a pantheon leader, he is a god of rain, sky, and luck. Often depicted as wearing a white Eagle mask, an Itzmil (divine instrument), and blue eagle feather coat, he is said to be able to transform into a white eagle to catch and throw lightning. It is said that he dwells on the divine mountains of Ata-Yacha, always watching.

Chibalca : Goddess of death. She rules over the Tzabcan underworld of Zapan Techiblin, where there's no sun. She keeps souls of dead people here. The good ones she kept comfortable in their long sleep, while the bad ones she left out to dry in the great underworld desert of Zapan Huitzil. She is often represented as a nondescript woman, clad in raven feather outfit, with a cape made of black panther skin. Her symbol is the skull.

Minor Gods

Ecumehitzli : God of electricity. He is a new addition to the pantheon, added after the modernizaion of Tzabcan. Often depicted as a jolly midget with yellow or light blue hair, wearing a copper wire suit, and is constantly covered in excited electrons. To Tzabcans, these electrons are often depicted as blue orbs or flies. His statues usually guard electrical nodes planted into the ground, and act as a deterrent to energy thieves. Since electrical wires are planted into the ground in Tzabcan, the statues also indicate where and how deep the wires connecting the nodes are.

Ixtamoluc : Goddess of love and fertility. She is revered by the farmers, and often appears as a gentle old lady. She blesses the land and makes the soil fertile, but according to the traditional myths, she doesn't like staying in the sun's rays and being thirsty. That is why sometimes fields go unfertile during droughts, it's because Ixtamoluc went away to another land. She also keeps a book, which lists everyone's soul mate.

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