Þórrlundt (Thorrlundt)

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Þórrlundt was designed as an extension of both Nordic and Inuit influence in culture, based loosely off Greenland, Iceland,and Scandinavian areas. I wanted to make a country that, although large, had low population and a heavy environmentalist beat to it, making them a powerhouse in exports, but with a few simple imports required.
Þórrlundt is a large island country, similar to Greenland, surrounded by ocean, speckled with lakes and rivers. There are rocky beaches, rolling grassland hills, thick forests, and mountains. The upper portion of the island is under a permanent glacial ice sheet. Þórrlundt may be large and rich in natural resources, but it has a relatively low population and a very low population density, speckled with small towns.
There are three distinctly different cultural groups present in Þórrlundt. There are the "True Natives" known as the Nuuit, who have lived there since prehistory times, with a culture similar to Inuits or native Siberians. They are located more often in the northern lands of Þórrlundt, but tribes and tribespeople can be found anywhere. Then, there is the largest group, descended directly from ancient travelers to Þórrlundt, most have a little bit of Nuuit blood in them but are characterized by their fair skin, hair, and Nordic features. They make up most of the population, and are considered to be the stereotype of Þórrlundt. They're often typed as friendly, hardworking people who enjoy themselves, but have a reputation as fighters. Then there are the newcomers, who are recent immegrants from other countries, seeking out their own lands or a new start. A small group, but a rapidly growing one.


The capital of Þórrlundt is Friggrid, the only population center large enough to be called a city, and rests in a southern port town.

Military Forces

Þórrlundt has no official military, but does have an emergency draft system and National Guard system in place, to defend their land from war. They currently hold a non-intervention policy towards foreign wars.
However, rumor has it that under their friendly, peaceable exterior lies a vast spy network, one of the best in the world, extending through the Þórrlundt and Nuuit.


Þórrlundt has a parliamentary system of government, a constitutional monarchy. The current monarch is Queen Aputsiaq Ulloriaq, unmarried. She is a native Nuuit with immigrant ancestry. She is rather young, and has relatively little power over the government and works closely with the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister is Aðalbjörg Zupan, a powerful widow and the first woman ever to hold the title of Prime Minister. She's considered to be smart and relatively liberal compared to former Prime Ministers, encouraging careful preservation of natural resources and careful trade agreements. She achieved the popular vote through her intelligence, strong personality, and bringing both the Nuuit and Þórrlundtan populations together.


Þórrlundt was first settled by the Nuuit in prehistory times. The Nuuit consist of many small tribes with interconnecting alliances and formations, and are similar to the Inuit and native Siberian cultures, being semi-nomadic in traveling from one camp to the next in a regular cycle to follow food and farmlands. In older times, the current Þórrlundt culture arrived by sea and quickly settled first into conflict with the Nuuit, then into peaceful relations.

Þórrlundt's major export is fishing stock, especially salmon, but as well as various other seafood, including shrimp and certain sharks. They also export many major resources, such as beef, lamb, wool, fine goods, and woodcrafts.


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