Sunnah Republic of Mataram

The Sunnah Republic of Mataram is a nation that was formed in c.358 CE. Details in historical records about the early years of the kingdom are limited, and the line is unclear between the historical record and myths since there are indications of the efforts of later rulers, especially Agung, to establish a long line of legitimate descent by inventing predecessors. However, by the time more reliable records begin in the mid-seventeenth century (c.1628 CE) the kingdom was so large and powerful that most historians concur it had already been established for several generations.


The reign of Panembahan Seda ing Krapyak (circa 1601-1613), the son of Senapati, was dominated by further warfare, especially against powerful neighbors, already a major center in the region. He faced rebellion from his relatives who were installed in the newly conquered area of Demak (1602), Ponorogo (1607-8) and Kediri (1608). Foreign activities at the time at the time, were limited to trading from limited coastal settlements, so their interactions with the inland Mataram kingdom were limited.


Culturally, Mataram people adopt a paternalistic system that traces the hierarchic lineage of the father. This system is particularly used to determine descendants' right to use royal titles before their names. However, it is not customary for Mataram to have a descended family name. Dress modestly in rural villages, religious sites and government buildings; long pants for men and a shirt, a modest skirt, full or calf length pants, dress or sarongs are suggested and a conservative blouse is recommended for women. This may save you and onlookers from embarrassment. If more revealing clothing is worn it is good to have a sarong handy as it can effect a quick and easy adaptation to prevailing circumstances. Naked or semi-naked bathing and swimwear on the beach will most likely create considerable controversy and possibly some alarm amongst the local people even in the areas of concentrated tourism activity in front of the hotels. Footwear must always be removed when entering a person's home and occasionally even some business premises. This is the case in even the most primitive and basic living structures. In Mataram it is normally considered to be quite rude or disrespectful to offer or hand something to someone with your left hand unless they are a very close and intimate friend or family member, and even then it is best avoided if possible.

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