Romio Raphaelov

Name: Romio Raphaelov
Nationality: Zaryan
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 2nd, 1911
Hometown: Obskiyev

Romio is a happy-go-lucky character, who fought alongside his barrack-mates Mikhail Karachov and Jochen Noborski. He is the 6th of 7 siblings in his family, and he expressed a good deal of interest in farming machinery. His hometown is near the military base of Belgorod, so when the war broke he joined the military there. At first, he was stationed as a regular infantry, but he sometimes visited the tank batallions in the base to get some technical knowledge. This was tolerated because he sometimes help the mechanics in his spare time, and his commander thought it would be good for him to learn more stuff about the military. All this knowledge would be put to the test at the battle of Urmansk.

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