Kingdom of Kapila

The Kingdom of Kapila is a constitutional monarchy founded by King Sangara I in 877 CE. Bordering the states of Samkhya on the continent of Paprika. The teachings of Sangara included in 898CE:

Acts only cleanse the body. Knowledge, however, is the highest end (for which one strives). When all faults of the heart are cured (by acts), and when the felicity of the Benign Ones becomes established in knowledge, benevolence, forgiveness, tranquillity, compassion, truthfulness, and candour, abstention from injury, absence of pride, modesty, renunciation, and abstention from work are attained. These constitute the path that lead to the path of the Benign Ones. By those one attains to what is the Highest.


Furthermore it is written:

Our appearance in this world is especially to explain the philosophy of Samkhya, which is highly esteemed for self-realization by those desiring freedom from the entanglement of unnecessary material desires. This path of self-realization, which is difficult to understand, has now been lost in the course of time. Please know that I have assumed power over this body of Kapila to introduce and explain this philosophy to human society again...


Also it is written:

When one is completely cleansed of the impurities of lust and greed produced from the false identification of the body as "I" and bodily possessions as "mine," one's mind becomes purified. In that pure state he transcends the stage of so-called material happiness and distress


Starting in 1840 through 1857, the Kingdom of Kapila began a series of religious missionary actions to spread the teachings of the monarchy, with limited success. While it failed in the effort to bring about a mass religious conversion, it was able to open the doors of trade and commerce of the kingdom, after years of economic nationalism had damaged its reputation abroad. From 1883 to 1896, the Kapilan people began an intense industrialization project. This has caused a political shift that has created a middle class, but has also strained the caste system of the country. Many people in the royal courts openly speak about the need for a return of the Magistrates, while many social activists call for a return to the Burning Times.

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