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Lycania is the dominant government on the island of Greece. Once a colonial power, a democratic revolution shortly before the first great war forced them to retreat. After the civil war, the new Republic of Lycania has gone into a slow decline.


The Empire of Macedonia conquered the nations of Sparta and Athens in 350BC. However, the Romans soon invaded and annexed the region. During the waning years of the empire, a Greek Revolutionary named Lycanus liberated the nation. The Romans, keen to renew their reputation, sent several legions to attack the new Lycanian Empire, however were stopped by a sudden flood. This, coupled with several earthquakes, cut the now island of Greece from the mainland. What happens from now until the medieval period was lost with the fall of Rome. When Lycania Reemerged, it began to spread its influence, however a series of small war kept it out of the new world. Lycania also was a neighbor of the United Turkish Emirates, a Islamic nation that waged several wars with them for dominance of the Mediterranean. By the time Lycania had built up enough resources to once again expand, the first great war had started. Lycania attempted to remain neutral, but Lycanian merchant ships were attacked and the UTE declared its alliance with (I forget their name but I will find it), forcing the Lycanians to defend themselves. At the end of the first great war, the Lycanian Civil war took place. Soldiers returning from the field had been exposed to democracy, and the general populace supported this freedom. The Civil war was short, for the war had removed support of the Monarchy. The new Republic of Lycania remained neutral in the second great war, however this shut them out of new development and caused their nation to enter a slow decline.This sparked a communist revolution, however the communists were defeated. When the third great war began, the Lycanians were once again dragged into the war by the Turkish attacks on the islands of Cyprus and Crete.

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