Inara remains one of the most important religious figures since the First Great War, with her calls for women's rights and interracial affairs.


The prophet Inara created a sexually liberated culture in the aftermath of the First Great War in 1848, in an effort to "liberate women from the constraints placed by society…"


Followers of Inara are deemed "Companions", and are legally protected as a religious organization. "Companion Houses" can be found on every continent.

The prophet Inara's only commandment to his followers was to love as thou wilt. The followers of the Kushielite takes it as their guiding philosophy, and as such embrace all forms of love. This makes them a sexually liberated culture, accepting of homosexuality, bisexuality, and BDSM. Rape is not only a crime, because of this precept, it is the highest and most severe heresy. This includes forced intimacy as well as sexual acts with minors (generally considered under age 16 in the series) or animals as neither can make fully thought-out decisions or thereby give true consent.

Extracts from the "Blue Angel" (1854), the religious and political manifesto of the Kushielites:

"We condemn the hypocrisy within our societies where our services are used but our faith and practice are made illegal. This legislation results in abuse and lack of control over our work and lives. We oppose the criminalisation of Kushielites , their partners, clients, managers, and everyone else working in sex work. Such criminalization denies Kushielites of equal protection of the law…"

"We demand the end of discrimination and abuse of power by the police and other public authorities. Offering sexual services is not an invitation to any kind of violence. The lack of credibility of Kushielites must end. We demand that crimes against us and our testimonies are taken seriously by the justice system. Kushielites should, to the same extent as anyone else, be presumed innocent until guilt is proven. Defamation of sex workers incites discrimination and hatred. We demand that Kushielites be protected by anti-discrimination legislation…"

"We demand our right as human beings to use our bodies in any way we do not find harmful; including the right to establish consensual sexual relations, no matter the gender or ethnicity of our partners; regardless of whether they are paying or not…"

"We assert our right to participate in public forums and policy debates where our working and living conditions are being discussed and determined. We demand our voices are heard, listened to and respected. Our experiences are diverse, but all are valid, and we condemn those who steal our voice and say that we do not have the capacity to make decisions or articulate our needs…"

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