Kingdom of Breifne

The Kingdom of Bréifne is the traditional homeland for the Uí Briúin Bréifne. The Bréifne territory included the cities of Leitrim, Cavan, and Sligo. The standard meaning of Breifne until recently was that it means "hilly" in Breifne, a description which describes the topography of the country.


About the 8th century, the area since known as Breifne was conquered and settled by the Uí Briúin who were a branch of the royal family of Connacht. By the 9th century the O'Ruaircs had established themselves as kings of Breifne. In the 10th and 11th centuries the O'Ruairc kings of Breifne fought some battles for the title of king of Connacht, four different kings of Breifne gaining the title. During the 12th century the reign of Tighearnán Ua Ruairc, the kingdom of Breifne was said to comprise most of the modern counties of Leitrim and Cavan, and parts of Longford, Meath, Fermanagh and Sligo.


It has been claimed by locals, that Breifne boasts 365 lakes and rivers, "One for each day of the year". Unfortunately, this figure is a vast exaggeration, unless you count oversized puddles and baths, which some locals do. Even with the inclusion of these, the figure falls short of the magic 365.


Currently the country is aligned with Imperia, and is one of the few states that despite sectarian differences, continues a fragile trading and political alliance with the country stretching to 1584. This has placed Breifne in a tense relationship with Aidhne and Osraige. Starting in 1607, there have been riots that erupt because of ties to Imperia. This relationship will certainly be put to the test during the Third Great War.

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