Domination of Imperia


Imperia is a mysterious nation in the southernmost part of Tarisi. It is incredibly secretive and antagonistic. The nation originated on the Ynglia Archipelago off of the western coast of the Continent. It also occupies a large chunk of the south-west peninsula in inclusion to the archipelago and has remained holding on to that territory since the since the First Great War, protected by the treacherous mountains to the north of said peninsula.


Although much of its culture is an enigma to the world, escaped immigrants have reported that it is incredibly totalitarian. They rule by brainwashing and propaganda, made much more effective overtime with the increase in radio and image recording devices. They are rumoured to possess incredible technological ability, with reports of public screens that act as both televisions and video cameras, presumably used for security and the monitoring of the people.

If one from another, fantastical world was to view its culture, they would say that it is reminiscent of a "fascist, militarised Britain with elements of South African apartheid in it."

Indeed, apartheid is used, with all working class peoples mixed in to one 'race' that is called the "Low Class". They use systematic oppression and low culture, such as rubbishy newspapers and literature, mind-numbing televised broadcasts and even the monopolization of narcotics to keep the Low Class contained, content and happy. The other classes are brainwashed extensively and allowed no private life other than service to the government.

The factories are powered by the availability of cheap, replaceable labour in the form of the Low Class and the economy mainly relies on the industrial parts of the country.


Contemporary Imperian borders were created during the Second Great War, when the dominating political entity known as "the State" decided to break away from the confines of the Ynglian Islands expand its dominion. They made incredible gains, conquering much of the Tarisi during the chaos of the War. Weakened countries fell to the war-machines of Imperia, which can be credited for the invention of the tank, which was very affective on the trenches. Eventually, their conquest ended and they wee pushed back to their islands and the renamed Ynglian Peninsula. Their enemies declared an armistice after the rest of the war was fought at a level of attrition warfare, when they could not penetrate the defences of the Ynglian Islands and Peninsula, many of which were natural as well as man-made.

The Empire of Imperia was the predecessor to the Domination, being governed by an aristocratic parliament and a constitutional monarchy. After the outbreak of the First Great War, the Empire of Imperia experienced a revolution, known within the State's propaganda as the Glorious Revolution, but known outside as the Imperian Revolution. It saw the overthrow of the aristocratic but still democratic system and the monarchy and saw the enforcement of Statism.


The Domination's armed forces, called the Imperian Armed Legions, is divivded into three branches:

  • The Imperian Army
  • The Imperian Navy
  • The Imperian Air Force

Imperian Army

The Imperian Army can be traced back to the founding of the Empire of Imperia. Back then, it took pride in solid tactics and rigorous loyalty. The army remained loyal until the outbreak of the Imperian Revolution, when many of the more influential military officials led their forces against the Loyalist soldiers and generals.

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