Imbohlgrad DMZ

In the demilitarized zone between Zenit and Zarya, lies the city of Imbohlgrad, a major industrial city before the revolution, the city was also a major trading port until socialist policies ended trade in the region. Imbohlgrad has been declared a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is an area, usually the frontier or boundary between Zarya and Zenit, where military activity is not permitted, by armistice. Often the demilitarized zone lies upon a line of control and forms a de-facto international border.


According to the armistice:

A security zone of a size to be determined by representatives of Zarya and Zenit, in accordance with constitutional law, is to be established at the limit of the areas occupied by the Zaryan armed forces. This zone is to be entered by no forces other than those of the residents of Imbohlgrad, which is to supervise the prohibition of entry. Pending the determination of the size and character of the security zone, the existing area between the two forces was not to be entered by any forces.


Two secret clauses excluded any of the Anti-Zaryan Volunteer Armies from this Peace Preservation Corps (PPC) and provided for any disputes that could not be resolved by the Peace Preservation Corps to be settled by agreement between the Zaryan and Zenit governments. Having lost every major engagement and substantial territory, and with the Zaryan government more concerned with fighting the members of the Zenit Communist Party than the Zenit, the Zaryan government agreed to all demands. Currently the DMZ also serves as a place wherein political rebels and cultural misfits have gathered from around the globe. Due to the chaos and confusion, the place is also a haven for human-trafficking, narcotics, prostitution, and organized crime. Both sides have tried to crackdown on crime in the region with little or no success.

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