Sovereign Nation of Heidlheim

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The main 'antagonist' of the Northeastern Theatre. Not much thought is given about its name, but the name 'Heidlheim' turns out to be an unique one.
Heidlheim is once part of Grandenheim, but it became a separate country right after the last great war. Heidlheim is considered a mixture of Germany, French, and Czech feel.

Heidlheim's capital is located at Kriegsberg, an old city with some magnificent fortresses. Now those fortresses have been converted into military bases.

Military Forces
The treaty of Forni, which split Grandenheim in two, also restricted Heidlheim and Keldheim's military capabilities. In essence, they were only allowed to have a self-defence force, and absolutely no military action on foreign soil, excepting peacekeeping processes and aid. But Heidlheim had been secretly developing tanks bigger than the requirements in the treaty, and also submarines, which were not allowed. Thus, when Heidlheim stated that it denies the existence of the treaty in late 1928, this brought neighboring countries on alert, and indeed, war broke out shortly after, in early 1929.
Regarding their airforce, Heidlheim had developed some military-grade planes, but they were classified as commercial-grade planes. They simply put better engines, guns and more armor plating to their 'commercial-grade' planes when they rebuked the treaty in 1928.

The current ruling party is the Iron Arrow or Eisenpfeilen party. They had gained control of Heidlheim by way of a coup d'etat, which was supported by much of the populace. The few opposition parties were dissolved and their members watched extensively by the secret police. With Eisenpfeilen in power, Heidlheim now has a new goal of restoring the former glory of Grandenheim… and beyond.
It should be noted that there are some ties with Apokalips regarding funding of their war research program. In addition of several top Apokalips scientists cooperating with Heidlheim scientists, there have also been shipments of highly-classified material between the two countries.

When Grandenheim fell into the hands of the Northern Commonwealth and the Crescent Alliance, it was split into two. Heidlheim was one of the countries which Grandenheim split into.

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