Great Grandenheim Empire

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The Great Grandenheim Empire was once a major player in the Trooper world, and participated in the Last Great War. After the war, it fractured into two nations following a crushing defeat from the Crescent Alliance. The splinter countries, Heidlheim and Keldheim, were divided among the victors of the Last Great War.
The name Grandenheim itself was actually something of an afterthought; making a 'grand, imperialistic empire' on which the current Heidlheim is obsessed with.

Grandenheim's capital was located at Zeigler. After the Last Great War, Zeigler was relegated to be a part of Heidlheim, but the city lost its title as Capital.

Military Forces
From history books it was clear that Grandenheim's military force is vast and powerful; it used one of the first tanks ever made, and also one of the first to capitalize on aerial battles. The Army still had airplanes under its jurisdiction, and used them for spying, bombing and towards the end of the Last Great War, dogfighting.

Grandenheim was ruled by a King; he had Aides that took their place in a sort of Parliament. The last King of Grandenheim was King Astorian Rossberg, in whose keeping guided Grandenheim to fight along with the Royal Coalition against the Crescent Alliance and the Northern Commonwealth.

Archeological evidence and historical records indicate that Grandenheim was once a small inland kingdom by the name of Arheim. The abundance of natural products and metals in the as-of-yet 'unclaimed' regions near Arheim fostered the growth of the small kingdom, and after a few decades it grew five times its original size. Increasing size brought further friction with neighboring countries, and there were evidence of massive battles being fought between Arheim and its neighbors. After 300 years, Arheim managed to conquer or subdue large parts of its neighbors' territory, and changed its name to become Grandenheim. It is estimated that three countries have fallen under the might of Arheim at the past.

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