Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds may be divided into Seven Groups. Not all areas use this classification system, but it is a helpful way of organizing different dog breeds, across the world.

Sporting, typically bred for hunting birds and small game, as well as competition breeds.
Hound, use universally as hunting dogs. Includes scenthounds and flush dogs.
Working, dogs bred for heavy labor, such as card or sled pulling, or human assistance like rescue dogs.
Herding, dogs bred for the purpose of herding and working in a farm environment.
Companion, these are typically smaller or more unique dogs, bred to be companions. Includes toy dogs.
Fighting, aggressive and powerful, fighting dogs were bred either to fight each other, or even humans in warfare.
Meat, are dogs used to provide meat or hide, as livestock.

Sporting Dogs

5-7 kg in weight
~20 cm in height
Otherwise known as Nuuit Hunting Dogs, these small, fast dogs are known as excellent and agile prey flushers and small game retrievers. Resembling black or silver foxes, they are most often gray, black, or white in color with some spotting on the tail, legs, face, and underbelly, but they may also be pure white or black in coloration. They are highly energetic dogs, and require much patience and care to train.

Hound Dogs

Þórrlundt Hound
20-30 kg in weight
60-75 cm in height
These versatile hunting dogs were developed and bred from a mixture of dogs bought to Þórrlundt by the immigrating Nords as well as the native Nuuit dogs. They are long-legged and lean, with thick, silky fur- ranging from pure white or black, to mixed white-gray-black-brown point variations, with brown to blue eyes. They are bight eyed and intelligent dogs, but require a firm hand in training or else they can become quite mischievous or aggressive.

Working Dogs

25-40 kg in weight
60-90 cm in height
Also known as the Nuuit Sled Dog, these large, wolflike dog are often mistaken for their wild cousins, the arctic wolf, at first glance. They are heavy, primitive dogs with thick, double-layered waterproof fur and large paws. They typically have black fur coloration, sometimes with white or gray points, along with yellow to blue eyes, but some individuals have white, or partially white-spotted coats. They tend to be hard working, but very gentle dogs, and can also be trained to herd reindeer.

Herding Dogs

Companion Dogs

Fighting Dogs

Grandheim War Dog
40-50 kg in weight
60-75 cm in height
Big, powerful, solidly built, the Grandheim War Dogs were bred for obedience, intelligence, and sheer fighting chutzpah. They are large, heavy dogs, typically with cropped ears and occasionally docked tails. Their wolflike statue has given them the nickname of 'Worgs'- aided by their snowy white fur and dark eyes. While they are bred for warfare and guard dog status, they are not excessively aggressive and can make good family dogs with older children.

Meat Dogs

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