Dandhaka (a.k.a. the "Impenetrable Forest"), the fanatical and nationalist people of the jungle region of Dandhaka are extremely xenophobic and isolationist. The have been the subject of attacks by foreign armies for over 500 years.


The manifesto,written by "Brother Number One" states:

In our revolutionary movement today a great mean young men and women have actively sought to join together in both the Alliance of Dandhaka and in patriotic organizations. And these numbers are continually growing in an orderly way. Today, all over the country, the membership of the Dandhaka Alliance. counts by tens of thousands of people. In the offices and departments there are tens of thousands of young men and women. In the armed forces of all three categories (village militia, regional forces, regular forces) there are also a great many young men and women. Therefore, if we add them together all over the country, the number of young men and women in our revolutionary ranks adds to hundreds of thousands of people, whether true Dandhaka troops, in offices and departments both at the front lines and the rear ranks.In sum, all young men and women in our revolutionary ranks have all received continuous constructive education from the party. Therefore, so far, the movement of young men and women has progressed forward both in building each individual and in building a movement of revolutionary struggle. Our many young men and women have joined in revolutionary activities on all battlefields both at the front lines and in rear areas in overflowing numbers.


In order to explode and push the movement of young men and women toward greater strength in accordance with the actual situation, in accordance with our revolutionary movement which is bounding ahead, our Universal Syndicalist Party of Dandhaka, even though pressed by other matters, nevertheless definitely needs to build an organ to educate-construct-nurture the principle of revolutionary political consciousness in our young men and women following the direction and the policy approach of the party in order that [this principle] becomes more clearly defined. That organ is this periodical Revolutionary Young Men and Women which appears monthly. This periodical is an organ of revolutionary youth and is under the aegis of the party.


The intentions of this periodical aim to serve revolutionary young men and women, taken together, but also to serve all progressive young men and women in the ranks, too. This periodical has a direction toward building our young men's and women's political consciousness and their implementation of assignments which will serve the movement to fight and strive in the front lines and the rear areas as well as in the offices and departments.


Therefore, this periodical is a periodical to lead, explode and push the movement of young men and women to do the concrete work of building-nurturing the principle of political consciousness of the party into the revolutionary youth organization and to acquire [ for the youth movement] and spread experiences both in the matter of political consciousness and regarding the job of implementing various assignments of the revolutionary youth organization.

The region of Dandhaka is considered by most military commanders a "meat-grinder" since the revolutionary leaders seized control of the country in 1915. What is most distressing is the "anti-foreigner" purges that have taken place since 1916. Although there have been calls to open relations since 1921, the region has been subject to guerilla warfare attacks against embassies and foreign companies.

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