Calabar Kingdom

Calabar Kingdom is an ancient Kingdom that was formed c.2000 BCE. The old Calabar Kingdom was composed of loosely governed states. The states included: Annang, Akamkpa, Efik, Ibibio, Ikom, Ogoja. The Kingdom is ruled by the Obong of Calabar, but his power is not very strong outside Calabar, that is outside the Efik State.


Calabar Kingdom is an active ancient trading kingdom. Recorded history shows that the Calabar Kingdom was the first Kingdom to use a money system in trading in the region. The ancient money of Calabar Kingdom was called "Okpoho", a Calabar word for money. This money has become known as the Manillas.


Leadership power in the Calabar Kingdom was derived from a major secret society, the Ekpe Secrete Society. The Ekpe secret society was instrumental in keeping outsiders (esp. other ethnic groups) outside of the Kingdom and in protecting the sovereignty of the Kingdom. Starting in 1591, the Calabar Kingdom has taken an active role in the political role of the continent of the Surpican continent. In 1885, after establishing a treaty with Imperia, the Calabar nation has adopted many of the political and military systems. Since 1914, both nations have maintained a Treaty of Friendship.

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