Bishouju Warrior Clans

While it is certainly hard to believe, despite the extremely powerful patriarchal society, rebellion has existed for many centuries. From 1180 until 1185, Bishouju, a warrior priestess defied enslavement, leading an all-female force in guerilla warfare. In the present day, many all-female gangs often try to emulate the Bishouju worldwide.


Many followers of the Bishouju Warrior Clan have been inspired by the defiance of the Bishouju Warrior Clan, when threatened with possible slavery :

"Let us, therefore, go against these men, trusting boldly to good fortune. Let us show them that they are hares and foxes trying to rule over dogs and wolves." When she had finished speaking, she employed a species of divination, letting a hare escape from the fold of her dress; and since it ran on what they considered the auspicious side, the whole multitude shouted with pleasure, raising her hand toward heaven, said: "I thank thee, Bishouju, and call upon thee as woman speaking to woman…"


Poetry has been written in the past 800 years about the power of the Bishouju Warrior Clans:

"From sunrise to the sundown no paragon had she.
All boundless as her beauty was her strength was peerless too,
And evil plight hung o'er the knight who dared her love to woo.
For he must try three bouts with her; the whirling spear to fling;
To pitch the massive stone; and then to follow with a spring;
And should he beat in every feat his wooing well has sped,
But he who fails must lose his love, and likewise lose his head


The naginata is a long rod with a curved blade at the tip. Due to its versatility and convention, more women have been attracted to its use. It offers a wide variety of long ranged techniques due to its length. It also proved to be very efficient against marauders who often attacked on horseback. A bow and arrow would also be used due to its even wider attack range. Additionally, the naginata was proven to be effective in close quarter combat. Considering the usual strength disadvantage men had over women, a strong woman armed with a naginata could keep most combatants at bay. It was during those circumstances where strength, weight, or sword counted for less. Through its use by many legendary samurai women, the naginata has been propelled as the iconic image of a woman warrior.

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