Abyssaddo II

Abyssaddo II Heavy Tank

Country of manufacture: Imperia

The very design of this vehicle is supposed to bring fear into the hearts of all men, other than those who are on its side. It is littered with barbed wire and spikes and is built to be bulky. It is usually painted black with red streaks down it. To add extra psychological damage to the vehicle, the bodies and heads of the enemy are often impaled on the spikes. In one battle in the well-known 'Burning Border War', the Abyssaddo was used to great effect. The combined firepower, armour and fear factor terrorised the enemies of Imperia into retreating during the Battle of the Mague. Some men went mad after seeing the heads of their comrades ripped off and stuck on the pikes of the Imperia tanks.

Above: An Abyssaddo II with a short barrel attachment and no spikes or barbs.
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