Welcome to Trooper

What is Trooper?

Trooper is a community-based open-source world, in the midst of a third world war. This means anyone could join, make countries, technologies, characters, or ideas, and anyone could make a story / make a comic / make a game based on the Trooper universe, in exchange crediting the people who made the idea used in your work. Or, if crediting many people is not feasible, put a link of this site on the credits. We'll link back and tell others of your work!ปลวก

How do I join?

1.) Sign in on the Wikidot site. Look at the very top right of the page, and click register.

2.) After you've become a member of Wikidot, look for 'How to Join this Site?' on the left navigation bar. Send a short proposal.

3.) Wait for some time for me to review your proposal…

4.) You're now a member! Start putting your ideas in.

How do I make content?

1.) Decide which category your idea is in (Countries? Technology? Stories?)

2.) Create a new page by using the left navigation bar. (It's the add new page thing)

3.) After making your page (and fill it with your idea), remember your page's title. Go to the category you want, and click edit.

4.) Write like this: [[[pagetitle]]] somewhere on the page (deleting other people's entries is frowned upon. Let the admin take care of things.)

5.) There you have it! The admins and mods would clean stuff up (placement, syntax etc. , although spelling or grammar edits may be done by anyone.)

But what if I don't know the idea's category?

Just go to the forums, and go to the Ideas section. The community will help you on it.

Other FAQ

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Go to the forums, there's a whole FAQ section. Ask away about the site!

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